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  • The Night the Witch Died
  • Hellraiser
  • Nightmares
  • M.I.U.
  • Hand of Fate
  • Lonely Is The Black
  • Dying (From the Inside Out)
  • The Final Cost
  • The Power Within Me
  • Selling Dreams
  • Come Around
  • Working Man Blues
  • Killing Time
  • That's Right FU
  • That Santa's Burnt
  • The Chips Are Down
  • On the Rocks


— Definition:(n) Euphoria, Exhilaration, Elation

   The METAL meaning of INTOXICATION is the condition of having not only physical but mental control markedly diminished by the effects of IntoxXxication, melting your face... Sometimes combined with alcohol. It is "Not Recommended" but may be Encouraged! We are not "Medical Experts" or a flippin "Dictionary", so talk to your Doctor & Invite Them Too!

   Originally formed in the 1980's, Now with a Newly Revived Lineup with a modern twist to top off this deliciously refreshing cocktail of Multi-Generational Metal. Add 1 Part Guitar Styling of Co-Founder Mr. Smokin Tony Z, Add 2 Parts Bass & Mayhem of longtime friend Mr. Nex Sanctum, Shaken, Not Stirred with the Heavy Hitting Drum Work of Mr. Trey Wirth, Topped Off with just a dash of Powerful Vocals by Mr. Antone Maxson, then Garnish with the Hand-Crafted Guitar Wizardry of Mr. Vincent James.

   We are a Metal Band out of the Poconos who pride themselves on showcasing a High-Powered, Highly Energetic Performance coupled with a repertoire of experience supporting some national acts such as: Drowning Pool, Skid Row, Buckcherry, RATT, Otep, M.O.D., Whiplash, & Teeze/Roughouse as well as having the pleasure of playing at some notable venues like Artie's Bar & Grill, The Sherman Theater, The Gin Mill & Grill, & Dingbatz. We will also be supporting TRAPT in August of this year 2023 at Artie's Bar & Grill in Frenchtown, NJ as well as Josey Scott's Saliva in September of this year 2023 at The Gin Mill in Allentown, PA.

Just relax, grab a beer,
and enjoy the show!
By the end of the night,
who knows...

You may just be,

Mr. Smokin Tony Z
[ Co-Founder & Guitarist ]
Mr. Nex Sanctum
[ Bassist & Mayhem ]
Mr. Trey Wirth
[ Drummer ]
Mr. Antone Maxson
[ Vocalist ]
Mr. Vincent James
[ Guitarist ]

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